Back in the cedar forest

Lonely #palm tree near #agkali in #folegandros #latergram

Three pals chatting on a window ledge in #Naxos #skull #party-hat #smile

July 25, sunset #vscocam #folegandros #landscape #likeamodel

σπασμένη πέτρα στο κάτεργο #katergo #folegandros


John Russell, Moon, 1764-1805. Drawing. London.

Russell was a painter, specialist in crayon portraits and enthusiastic astronomer. He concentrated his efforts on the moon for an accurate record of the lunar surface. More: Broadsheet No. 4, Exhibition moonscope, 2007. Museum of the History of Science, Oxford

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© Jason Larkin

‘Top Star, Boysens, Johannesburg, 2010.’ The outdoor drive-in screen of the Top Star Cinema still standing on a mine dump that is being reprocessed around it. A reported $10 million worth of latent gold was recovered from this dump over three years.

64.559090, -20.319022

Rei Naito, Ryue Nishizawa
Teshima Art Museum construction
copyright: Masayori Yano


Projet théorique de W. J. Neutelings, A. Wall, X. de Geyter et F. Roodbeen pour le concours «Habitatge i Ciutat», Quaderns, Barcelone, 1990

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Benzaiten, Kamakura period, 1266
Wood. Tsurugaoka Hachiman Shrine

Waw an Namus (Wau-en-Namus, Arabic: واو الناموس‎ - Oasis of Mosquitoes)

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